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BIFA members will be aware that the selling of insurance by freight forwarders was regulated in 2005 by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and that BIFA has been arguing for an exemption for the forwarding sector from the legislation that introduced the changes. Earlier this year we were successful in our quest and freight forwarders can again sell insurance without the need for regulation by the FSA.

There is a slight impact on the BIFA Standard Trading Conditions (STC) and an amendment has been made, however existing stocks of stationery can continue to be used until depleted. There is no need to change your stationery until a new printing run is required. The change concerns the heading information and the current and amended versions are shown on the BIFA website with underlining to indicate the items that have been changed.


In brief the amendments are:

  • The statement in the heading information that FSA authorisation is required to sell insurance has been removed. 
  • The copyright date has been adjusted to 2009. 
  • Extra wording has been added to draw the customers' attention to the insurance clauses. 
  • The edition date has been changed from 2005 to 2005A 

The recommended BIFA text to notify customers about trading conditions is "All business is transacted under the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association (latest edition) copies of which are available upon request" and there is no need to change this. If your stationery is specific to the 2005 STC you can make the change when current stationery stocks are exhausted.

If you have any questions concerning these changes please contact Robert Keen at the Secretariat, preferably by an e-mail to address r.keen@bifa.org

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