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Up until the early ‘90’s our European Trailer groupage operations began with a weekly departure from the UK of one or two trailers a week to Spain and to Portugal. The introduction of the European Single market, with abolition of customs clearance formalities in 1991 and the deep recession of the same period was the spur to focusing our energies into developing this aspect of the business which clearly had great scope for significant growth during an economic downturn. The trailer section grew rapidly from one person at that time to nine directly involved with operational handling now, and is still growing strongly with new areas of coverage been given a strong boost by the opening up of former communist states in Europe and the continued expansion of the EU.

The EU is not the limit of our overland trailer coverage or ambitions. Neptune’s historical links with the former Eastern bloc countries means that we are your best ‘one stop’ call for trailer loads to and from the former Soviet states, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria etc.

In the last 10 years we have set up warehouse facilities in Spain & Italy and this has enabled us to offer an unbeatable daily collection service. We now arrange more than 120 trailers arriving and departing from the UK bound for most major European cities each week. Spain, Italy and Portugal remain the dominant areas covered with daily movements, but every week we have departures and arrivals from all parts of mainland Europe. Truly competitive rates are available on both dead weight and high cube consignments and these rates are married to a superb class-beating level of care and attention. This is achieved by dedicating a major part of our in-house IT research and development into computerisation of traffic movement and monitoring, with drag and drop loading paradigms linked to satellite navigation tracking of the majority of our vehicles. This blend of best in productivity through modern technology with the conviction that the ‘old fashioned values’ of focusing on service to the Customer is your best guarantee that consignments are handled speedily and without hitch.

We have more than 60 years of offering either comprehensive all risks insurance cover or you can rely on the more basic and limited CMR Convention for your cargo cover and are delighted to discuss potential freight risks and liabilities, while at the same time minimizing the chances of claims arising by maintaining world-class standards in operational integrity. This ethos pervades the whole organization.

Each of our trailer operatives are imbued with the knowledge that you, our Customers, actual and potential, are at the top of our tree, and that everything we do is guided by the first principle that throughout Neptune we all directly or indirectly exist to serve you to the utmost of our capacity and with care, diligence and skill.

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