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We operate in all areas of Europe, export, import and cross trades (where goods do not start or finish their journey in the UK.) The majority of our core business utilises 20’ and 40’ ISO standard dry van and reefer containers. In some European trades such as Italy and the Czech Republic we also have access to specialised routes via the rail which does add an extra dimension to our existing short sea services throughout Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria to mention just a few.  

We also load 20’ and 40’ open tops, in addition we ship 40’ and 45’ pallet wide as well as 40’ high cubes. Other specialist equipment (for example 30’ Containers) can be sourced on some trades. This ensures that we cover every base in order to meet our customers’ everyday requirements.  

Neptune do not focus on just a single commodity we have expertise in dead weight, lightweight, perishable and non-perishable goods utilising UK main ports of Southampton, Bristol, Tilbury, Felixstowe, Liverpool, Teesport, Greenock, Grangemouth, Dublin and Belfast together with local feeder ports doted around the UK to ensure that UK trucking costs and environmental disturbance is minimised. This spread enables us to quote very competitively to all areas throughout the British Isles and Ireland to and from continental Europe. 

The majority of the cargo moved is in full loads on a one collection one drop basis, but we can also arrange multi collection and multi drop consignments of required.  Furthermore if you do not have adequate offloading facilities to unload the many variations of container sizes we can also offer devanning services whereby containers are unloaded at or near the arrival port and then transhipped onto trailers making the whole delivery experience easier.  

We have a policy of providing each of our commercial clients with an account handler whose priority is to get to know our Clients’ needs, we feel this is very important in order to achieve maximum customer service and is in keeping with company’s professional ethos which we feel keeps us a step ahead of the competition where from one week to the next you may need to explain your modes of operation to more than one person. 

We also have more than 60 years’ experience of offering marine all risks cover and we are delighted to discuss potential freight risks and liabilities, while at the same time minimizing the chances of claims arising by maintaining world-class standards in operational integrity. This philosophy pervades the whole organization. 

Each of our short sea container operatives are imbued with the knowledge that you, our Customers, actual and potential, are of the upmost importance, and that everything we do is guided by the first principle that throughout Neptune we all directly or indirectly exist to serve you to the best of our capacity with high levels of skill, diligence and professionalism.

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