Tariff Classification

Tariff Classification Service Information and Commodity Codes

Based on your description to them, Tariff Classification Service (TCS) can provide informal information on commodity codes.

To confirm a tariff code you can submit a request by e-mail directly to TCS

Details of the commodity and enquiry form that should be completed, with a full description of the goods, can be downloaded here.

On completion, e-mail the enquiry to classification.enquiries@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

BTI Rulings

The Classification Team do offer a Binding Tariff information service (BTI) which is a legally binding authorisation from HMRC documenting what commodity code to use and is valid anywhere within the EU for up to six years after the date of issue.

You can download a BTI application form Here. BTI is usually free. You will have to pay costs incurred through laboratory analysis, obtaining expert advice and returning your samples (if requested).

BTI provides you with:

  • The correct commodity code for your goods
  • A detailed description of your goods, enabling any EU customs regime to identify them
  • Legal justification for the decision TCS has reached
  • A unique reference number

eBTI Ruling

If you don’t want to send samples (although they may be requested in some instances), you can apply for an eBTI ruling(Electronic Binding Tariff Information).

Once you have activated your account you will be able to request Binding Tariff rulings by completing the e-application form on the HMRC website under 'Online service', providing supporting information where necessary (e.g. digital images and attachments).

The service also provides interactive acknowledgement of receipt of request, detailed error responses to application completion and enables traders to view their rulings electronically.

To enroll in the eBTI application form visit the Government Gateway website.

On Line Trade Tariff

 The online trade tariff is a free service that anyone can use to lookup commodity  codes and the duty rates along with restrictions.

If you would like further information on any of the above please contact our Customs Duty & Excise Department who will be happy to help!

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